Second Hand Car Parts Brisbane

King auto parts has the largest range of wrecking vehicles, certainly in Brisbane. We stock and supply second-hand car parts in Brisbane. As we know it is always expensive to buy a new car part which may not be worth it, rather buying a second-hand car parts would be much cheaper and worth the buy. Give a try at King Auto parts for second-hand car parts Brisbane.

Second Hand Car Parts

Parts for all sedan, hatchbacks, coupes, 4wd such as Aerials, blinker lights, body panels, bonnets, boot lids, bumper bars, CV joints, differentials, doors, door handles, gear boxes, grilles, head lights, indicators, lights, mirrors, mud guards, power steering kits, rack and pinions, starter motors, steering boxes, switches, tailgates, tail lights, tail shafts, trailing arms, transfer cases and air conditioning (A/C) kits are available at King Auto Parts in Brisbane. We provide a warranty on a few parts and we can dispatch nationwide when required. We regularly provide second hand car parts to Gold coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba …and many more places.

Need Help in Finding the Spare Part?

With such a massive range of stock on hand we can typically always find what you are looking for. Call us on 07 2102 5462 or fill in our car parts finder form and we can get back to you. We are part of King Auto Group & Broken car collection.

Apart from serving in Queensland we have several branches all over Australia

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Perth

When you need car wreckers in Brisbane call Broken car collections and if you’re looking for second hand car parts give a call to king auto parts.

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