Old Car Removal Gold Coast & Car Wreckers

Old Car Removal Brisbane

King auto Group pays top cash for old car removal Brisbane and also does a free car removal across Brisbane. Being one of the oldest and the most experienced companies in Brisbane, King Auto Group is known for its free car removal, top cash for cars, car recyclers and one of the biggest car wreckers.

Having a car sitting in your yard or in front of the house is of no use. If you are tired of having that old junk car on your property, we are car wreckers and an old car removal company that can help you out.

Second Hand Car Parts Brisbane

It is certainly hard to find suitable car parts for your car. King auto parts not only wrecks cars but also shelves useful recycled parts of all makes and models. If you are not sure of what part fits in your old car, you can contact our friendly customer support who are very well trained and have immense ideas by which they can help you to get the exact part for what you are looking for.

Paying Top Cash Up to $9999 for Unwanted Cars & Eco-friendly Services

Get in touch with King Auto Group to get rid of your unwanted cars easily and quickly in an eco-friendly way. We pay a handsome sum of money for Cars, SUVs, Utes, Trucks and 4x4s. We are willing to pay

  • Cash for scrap cars
  • Cash for damaged cars
  • Cash for damaged trucks
  • Cash for junk cars
  • Cash for old 4x4s
  • Cash for unwanted Utes
  • Cash for broken cars
  • Cash for unregistered cars
  • Cash for unwanted trucks
  • Cash for commercial vehicles
  • Cash for scrap trucks and so on.

Used Car Batteries

King Auto Group sells a wide range of second hand Car Batteries suitable for all makes and models. We also assume that there is merely a great way to treat our customers; with respect! That is why we offer free electric battery testing, and no scheduled appointment is necessary.

Additional Information

Car wreckers: King auto group has been offering its service over a period of 20 years across Queensland it is said to be one of the leading car wreckers.

Free car removal: You don’t need to pay for the towing. King auto group provides its customers with a free car removal service across Queensland.

Cash for cars: We are not only known for free car removal service but also known for paying top cash for cars to the customers.

Car Recyclers: King auto has taken the initiative way back to keep the environment eco-friendly by recycling scrap metal or junk cars.

Old car removal services across Queensland:

  • Brisbane 
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast 
  • Toowoomba 

For Further Information, Contact King Auto Old Car Removal Brisbane!

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