Car Recyclers Toowoomba & Auto Car Wreckers

Car Recyclers Toowoomba & Auto Car Wreckers

Is there an old unused car or an unwanted car lying at your property for ages? Which is certainly a problem as it occupies space and the unrecognized problem that it affects the environment. King auto car wreckers are one of the finest car recyclers across Toowoomba. We being car wreckers have taken a step ahead as car recyclers Toowoomba to protect the environment.

However, these days it is a common scenario as people are not able to find professional car recyclers Toowoomba that could take care of the rusted vehicles by using eco-friendly techniques. But luckily you have The King Auto Group who offer old car removal, with a free car removal service where you don’t have to pay anything for the towing and as an add on bonus we pay you cash for cars as well.

All you need to do is:

  • Call King auto car recyclers Toowoomba and get a free quote
  • Request an instant cash quote via email or call
  • Once you are happy with the price, fix an appointment and we can pick your car at your convenience.
  • Get paid up to $9,999!!!

It may surprise you, but it’s true that you can get good money from your junk vehicle. We pay guaranteed and maximum cash up to $ 9,999 for all makes including Cars, trucks, vans, Ute’s, SUVs, 4WDs and other heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

We collect vehicles across Queensland and Recycle:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold coat
  • Sunshine coast
  • Toowoomba

Car Recyclers Toowoomba

When it comes to dismantling and recycling vehicles, our proficient recyclers adopt ecologically safe techniques. Additionally, we are fully certified and insured with ATF license. After towing vehicles to our salvage yards we carefully harvest them for parts. King auto makes sure that the components that are hazardous or non-usable are disposed of safely. As for the recyclable parts, they are properly recycled and cleaned to be sold as second-hand spare parts.

List of suburbs serviced across the Toowoomba by king Auto Group:


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