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King auto parts supply a wide range of Korean auto parts from Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo and SsangYong. We stalk all Korean auto parts from the 1990’s. King auto group is known for being the cheap used auto parts yard across Australia. Apart from shelving Korean auto parts we also buy unused cars, unwanted cars, broken cars for top cash along with a free car removal service.

As we know buying a new car part is always expensive and getting it fixed is much more expensive. All you would need is a genuine car part which keeps your car running with no problem. Give a try with King auto group for used car parts to get car parts for a very cheap price.


With our long history as Brisbane car wreckers, we are proud to be the leading Korean car wreckers, Japanese car wreckers, Italian car wreckers and European car wreckers. We have several branches across Australia Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

If you are in search of a used car part, please do visit our modernized king auto parts website or if you are looking to sell your car and get top cash for it along with free car removal service please do visit Broken car collection website or give us a call. Our skilled team will do their utmost to provide you the best service.

Why King Auto Parts Brisbane?

We are the leading and top second hand Korean auto parts service providers in Brisbane. Our services are unique and cheap. Being the most famous used auto parts seller, we not only provide auto parts for Brisbane residents but also Queenslanders. For Any kind of Korean Auto Parts get in touch with King Auto Parts. 

  • Hassle-free and stress-free services
  • Fully certified and licensed 
  • Reasonable prices for second hand auto parts
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • Servicing all cities of Queensland
  • Korean Auto Parts Brisbane
  • Professional staff 

Contact Auto Parts 07 2102 5462!

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